Monday, 25 November 2013

Point of Sale systems make Cash Registers obsolete!

Just as retail businesses have evolved through its time and space, so have its many aspects; payments being a major chunk of that evolution. Long queues of shoppers waiting to pay the bill off are quickly being replaced by on-the-spot transactions using mobile POS solutions. With so much of developments and enhancements taking place in the retail payment arena, cash registers surely seem a thing of the past.

Cash management systems have always been an indispensable asset for a retail business. Technological developments have brought multifunctional, multifaceted payment modes in the laps on man. And in a similar fashion are point-of-sale systems, a far-cry from old fashioned cash registers where manual efficiency is decisive. In fact, as predecessors cash registers have now evolved into versatile, what is now know as, point of sale systems.

With increased business flexibility and more ROI on the retail business, 28% American retail business owners are making a switch to mobile POS systems, leave alone conventional POS systems. This, itself, explains the mammoth influx in shift to use of POS software in retailers. Here’s why you should immediately switch over to point of sale systems from the traditional cash registers.

Improvement in Accuracy : unlike the traditional cash registers, mobile or simple POS systems are much more precise and veritable in their functioning. This way you obviously cut down a lot on human errors, which are otherwise probable in manually handled cash registers.

Successful Inventory tracking : the already efficient POS systems make it way lot easier and manageable for the retail users to successfully track their inventory levels - entries and exits. Point of sale systems are comprehensive inventory management systems.

Itemized Bill Receipt : with point of sale devices being so multifunctional, customers get an accurate itemized bill receipt, which they can always refer to for verification purposes - including discounts, promotions and any other offer details. Nothing is duped; sales are perfectly recorded.

Previous Precise Records : POS systems make it extremely accessible for retailers to view previous transactions for any particular day. Doing the same with a cash register would obviously be a tedious and laborious job. You are further in a position to deduce business-critical analysis.

Fast-paced and instant : like mentioned above, mobile POS systems cut it short to on-the-spot bill transactions. That translates into faster services. POS systems are also well equipped to make card payments which the traditional cash registers aren’t in a position to do.

Go online with POS : you can’t imagine the same with your traditional cash registers. But POS software makes it possible for retailers to have online transactions and keep a track of the same as well. In fact, on the virtual platform, POS systems make possible order processing as well.

Repairing is cheap : maintenance is considerably cheap than compared to the maintenance of cash registers. Most POS systems are cloud-connected; in that case, your POS software service provider always ensures best upkeep of your centrally managed POS systems.

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